Drilling and Well Maintenance

Onshore and Offshore Drilling: Cranfield Energy, in partnership with Moncla Companies LLC, provides offshore and onshore drilling services for clients. Drilling units available for our operations include light to heavy-duty land drilling rigs and offshore drilling units of up to 350ft of water depth. The heavy-duty land and offshore drilling units, with installed BOP capacity of between 10,000 psi to 15,000 psi, have the capability to drill deep, high-temperature, high-pressure formations. Horse Power capacity of these units ranges from 1000HP, 1,500HP, 2000HP to 3000HP.

Radial and Lateral Drilling: Cranfield Energy is under an agreement with Schellstede LLC, USA to offer its Radial Drilling System and technology to petroleum exploration and production companies in Africa and North America. Radial drilling is a well enhancement program that provides a method to efficiently extract oil and gas from a well that cannot be produced through the conventional drilling methods. Geologists in the United States have proved that after a well stops producing by the normal extraction processes, about 75% of the petroleum reserve in the well is usually abandoned due to deficiencies in the conventional extraction processes. The Schellstede Well Enhancement Program (SWEP) is designed to produce the ‘unrecoverable’ or abandoned oil and gas wells.

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