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Herman J. Schellstede - Chairman

Herman is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Herman J. Schellstede & Associates Inc, an engineering, development, construction and project management firm for the past 44 years. Under his direction, the company has engaged in a wide variety of projects, ranging from industrial engineering assignments to the design, testing and production of specialized harvesting equipment for the agriculture business industry.

Herman J. Schellstede & Associates Inc focus is in service areas of oil and gas production, with major world-class innovations achieved in the offshore drilling, supply, and service sectors. Herman J. Schellstede & Associate Inc is structured to support Herman’s personal involvement as a designer and innovator of new processes. In this respect, he was able to support both contract and in-house design and engineering programs. Herman J. Schellstede & Associates, Inc., has designed, built and managed several oil production platforms, lift boats, and various oil drilling barges including the Parker 75, Hercules 58 just to mention two among very many and provided other offshore and land based oil and gas construction services throughout the world . He founded and operated the Schellstede LLC lateral drilling company in the United States. Herman is a co-founder of the Wind Energy LLC and Coastal Point Energy LLC. The Wind Energy Company is in the process of developing offshore wind farm offshore Gulf of Mexico, USA

Herman J. Schellstede and Associates, Inc. is member of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and has assisted in the development of pipe testing systems, hard band industries, tool joint manufacturing, solids control equipment, pipe coatings, manufacturing plants, offshore environmental systems, ultrasonic welding systems and a series of patented marine drilling systems and vessels and radial / lateral drilling systems

Herman, who holds sixty-seven (67) US patents, is a registered Naval Architect and Marine engineer. He is a Mechanical engineering graduate of the Southwestern Louisiana University and possesses a degree of Science of Engineering from the College of St. Joseph in the United States. Herman is an active member of The Society of Petroleum Engineer (SPE), The Society of Naval Architect and Marine Engineers and The American Welding Society (AWS)..

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Herman J. Schellstede

Founder and Chief Operating Officer