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Corporate Governance

Cranfield has an appropriate corporate structure, which is designed to regulate the affairs of the company. The structure helps the company to drive its business in a professional manner; institute and enforces controls, procedures and systems. This has contributed significantly to ensuring that Cranfield’s business and projects run as efficient as possible, delivering value adding solutions to our customers. The company has a well-balanced Board of Directors with requisite skills, competencies and experience in all the key areas of the company’s business. To ensure that the company continues to operate with appropriate corporate governance in view, the company has put in place the following structures/committees.


EXCO/Finance Committee

The Exco/Finance committee has the responsibility for reviewing the company’s operations and operating results and making recommendations to the Board. The committee ensures optimal allocation of financial resources and performs other duties or tasks as are given to it by the Board from time to time.

Management Committee

This committee reviews the day - to - day operations of the company with a view to making and implementing recommendations that will optimize operations.

Project Committee

Project management services form a significant proportion of Cranfield’s operations. To ensure that all projects undertaken by Cranfield are delivered within budget (time and cost); the board ensures that the company maintains a project committee to act as overall project managers. The membership of this committee includes representatives of the major investors/stakeholders or the project owners of each major projects.

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