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Cranfield Energy in partnership with Moncla Companies LLC in the USA, provides adequate wireline and slickline services. We provide all your cased hole E-line services on land or on water. everything from Drillpipe recovery, High Pressure thru Tubing Plugbacks, Plug and Perf horizontal completions and P&A Wireline support.

We strive to be the most efficient, cost effective E-line solutions provider readily available.

Our Services include:

Pipe Recovery: Jet cutters; Radial Cutting Torches; Stuck Pipe log; Severing Tools; Free point Tools 11/16"-15/8"; Back Off; Chemical Cutters 1"-5 5/8

Mechanical Services: Bridge Plugs; Packers; Junk Baskets; Gauge Rings; Thru Tubing Plugs. 

Logging: Gamma Ray; gamma Neutron; Noise/Temp;11/16-3 1/8 Segmented Bond Tools; Pressure While Perforating; Fluid Density

Perforating Services: Retrievable Tubing guns;Strip Guns; Hollow Steel Carriers; Gamma Guns; Dual Fire, Gun Releases

Slickline Services: mechanical Intervention; Memory Production Logging; Slickline Perforating; Memory Formation Evaluation; Heavy Duty Fishing; Cement and Pipe Evaluation.



Wireline and SlickLine

Wireline and SlickLine

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