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Ultimate Drilling Badge


Cranfield Energy and Herman J. Schellstede & Associates, Inc. has unveiled a new drilling vessel design that will accomodate shallow continental shelf zones and inland rivers, bays and sounds. This new drilling vessel is called the schellstede Ultimate Drilling Barge(SUDB).

The SUDS is a 4,500-hp vessel with a 15,000-psi well controll system, a 12-hole well pattern, and a drilling capacity of 35,000 ft. The SUDB considers one vessel to accomodate drilling operations from 8ft through 60ft water depths, helping to cut production costs by up to half.

The vessel is also novel in that the construction materials are of a composite design which lowers the vessel weight and eliminates corrosion. The invention provides a design that employs stabilizing tanks that can be stored for shallow water drilling and extended to provide ample stability for towing and offshore operations. In offshore towing or operation, the tanks will be extended.

Also, the SUDB allows for great flexibility in operations. It provides a new approach to an age-old problem, and can be employed in various environmental conditions, i.e temperate to ice conditions. The vessel allows sea keeping operations in different bottom conditions, i.e hard sand bottom to very soft conditions.

The vessel is designed to accomodate the most rigid environmental codes. The SUDB has "zero" discharge and provides a new guidepost considering shallow water drilling vessels.

" The SUDB is the beginning of a new era in technology for marine drilling and completion," Schellstede said.


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