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The oil and gas industry has produced thousands of service companies which support the required tasks of the industry.  Although oil and gas is found in very harsh environments, the industry has however developed various methods to provide it with the most efficient drilling and production systems. In the past thirty years, the industry has focused on technology as the major driving force to produce oil and gas in an efficient manner.


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Cranfield has diverse resources to provide the most advanced and efficient technology to the industry. Cranfield provides the road map to ensure that oil and gas operators have the most advanced equipment and management possible.

Another major feature of Cranfield's road map is management, both personnel and financial. The oil and gas industry has been exposed to conditions which are not very efficient, thereby causing companies to incur avoidable cost, especially in their drilling and well completion programs. Cranfield offers a fresh outlook that results in huge cost savings to oil and gas operators.




Video of Sea Clean, an environmental battle vessel designed by Herman J. Schellstede, the President and Chief Executive of Cranfield Energy.

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